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"Health the greatest of earthly blessings lies in your hands"

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Anya Micallef

Homoeopath BSc (Hons) LCHE RSHom

Homoeopathy is one of the few medical specialities which carries no penalties -- only benefits 
- Yehudi Menuhin - 

Address: Bexley, Kent, UK

Phone: 07903679341

A Bit About Me

I have a passion for all natural remedies and therapies. Since childhood, I was always given natural treatments to treat my ailments. My Mother is a Homoeopath, so my main treatment was always Homoeopathy and when needed Herbs and Acupuncture.

I always knew energetically when a remedy worked on me and when it did not resonate. Growing up on Homoeopathy made me a strong advocate for this medicine along with many other natural therapies and remedies. Having constitutional treatment helped me to become more sensitive to the subtle but powerful way this medicine works. 


In today’s world, many people are used to taking allopathic medicine for so many of their ailments. They can be quick fixes which cover up the symptoms, however, it never addresses the root cause of why the symptom manifested in the first place. Natural Medicine, whichever type you choose, will treat the symptoms of course, but will also treat the underlining cause. 

Constitutional treatment is a treatment where the patient comes back every 6-8 weeks; these sessions are the those with chronic pathologies, not for acutes such as coughs or colds. When treating the constitution of the person, you help to gradually build their vital force (QI, Prana, Life Force energy), helping to build their internal strength and resilience against disease pathologies. Constitutional treatment is also for toughs who may not have any disease pathologies but want to take Homoeopathy to help them transition through the many phases of life, support their mental/emotional health and well-being, and help to keep their vital force strong. 

You can also use Homoeopathy to help treat their susceptibilities, which you can see on the patient's Astrology Chart. 

You can also use Homoeopathy for treating Acute pathologies such as coughs, colds, earaches, dysmenorrhea, headaches, migraines, sore throats, accidents such as a fall, colic, teething, mastitis, fevers, tooth or gum pain, cystitis, urinary tract infections (UTI’s), diarrhoea & sickness and broken bones etc. For treating these, you can book an acute consultation. You can book a consultation with or without remedies. Some patients prefer to book without remedies if they have a good stock of their own remedies at home and only wish for guidance regarding an accurate prescription for their acute condition. 

Homoeopathy Testimonials 

Alice T 

Jake B

"Anya is extremely knowledgeable. Whenever I feel poorly I book an acute with Anya and she gives me the remedies and herbs I need to support my healing. She has also helped support me with constitutional treatment for my baby since she was born 2 years ago. I highly recommend her treatments and acute advice."

"I came to Anya for help with low testosterone, as I was told I needed testosterone replacement, however, I did not want to take this root as I have always been a great believer in natural medicine.


After Homeopathic remedies and taking the recommended supplements and herbs, my testosterone levels are back to normal. I am extremely happy with these results and would recommend Anya as a Homoeopath." 

Sound & Energy Therapy  Testimonals

"Anya's therapy is easily the most beautiful, deep, gentle but profound healing I have ever experienced. At 54 I have experienced many forms of 'therapy' since the age of 18 when my osteopathic training began but nothing as transformative and powerful as the combination of techniques Anya uses. Give yourself a beautiful present and allow Anya to help you to reconnect to your authentic self and release what binds you. 

- Helen Johnson - 

Randall Johns, NY

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