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Helen Johnson

"Anya's therapy is easily the most beautiful, deep, gentle but profound healing I have ever experienced. At 54 I have experienced many forms of 'therapy' since the age of 18 when my osteopathic training began but nothing as transformative and powerful as the combination of techniques Anya uses. Give yourself a beautiful present and allow Anya to help you to reconnect to your authentic self and release what binds you.

Brenda Mathews

"Anya is a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional. She gently and compassionately created such a nurturing, accepting and therapeutic ambience that I felt like I had a mini holiday after the session. I felt absolutely safe, uplifted and re-energised, Truly wonderful" 

Rosanna Law

"Anya's beautiful intuition and ability in channeling Devine guidance have brought about subtle but powerful shifts in my consciousness. Combining with the pyramid and Chakra Signing Bowls, her voice and touch heal deeply within." 

Mayuri Jotangia

A Healing session with Anya is the ability for one to allow themselves to surrender to so much healing energy fully. The harmonious, loving and safe space that Anya naturally creates is like being a child again when one can surrender fully to the care, protection and nurturing of the feminine energy, knowing absolutely that you can trust everything in that time. 
Anya Exudes the knowledge, wisdom and grace of an old and wise soul in a very young body. I always come away knowing that she is facilitating my healing at such great depths and that I can let go. 
Anya's treatments are gentle yet profound. 

Jana Kociova

I would definitely recommend Anya and her well-being advice. I have known Anya for several years now and she is absolutely amazing. I've ordered products from her and I am very happy with them. I've also experienced her pyramid healing sessions and it was transformative! I was lying on the bed under a huge copper pyramid and felt the magnificent energy. She guides you through a deeply relaxing and healing session. I felt so much better afterwards in mind, body and soul, recharged and ready for my kids yoga classes. Thank you so much Anya. 

Evan Simmons

Anya's sessions are amazing. It's a calm, relaxing environment, where you feel safe and able to let go and let the healing happen. I felt the sound and energy healing went deep with me that crying was easy and a lot of old emotions were healed. Ever since my session I've felt that there is nothing to worry about. A huge sense of relief and love has come over me and I feel all is well. I can't wait to return for another session. 
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